Canal cruise Amsterdam

Your visit to Amsterdam is not complete without a canal cruise. The canals of Amsterdam have been one of the most popular tourist attractions for decades and for a reason!

Amsterdam Boat Tour offers you different types of canal cruises, so you can pick the one which suits your schedule and traveling companions best.

Winter canal cruise

Enjoy the view of the canals in Amsterdam in wintertime. There are many different options for an impressive (private) canal cruise in wintertime. In wintertime, during sunset the canals of Amsterdam will enchant you. 

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Canal cruise

Discover the unique Amsterdam Canals during a 75-minute canal cruise. The cruise with a traditional covered boat will show you the most beautiful sites of Amsterdam.

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Open canal cruise

If you want to enjoy the weather and scenery fully, the open canal cruise is the way to go! In a convenient open sloop you will take a 75 minute tour of the canals.

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Private canal cruise

For a private tour You can choose to book a luxury covered boat wit a capacity of 40 persons. This boat is excellent in every type of weather ad also easily accessible for people less mobile.

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