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General terms and conditions Amsterdam Boat Tour

Article 1: Applicability

These general conditions apply to any price indication, quotation via and insofar as these conditions have not been expressly deviated from by Amsterdam Boothuur in writing. These conditions also apply to agreements with Amsterdam Boothuur for the implementation of which third parties must be involved. Client means the client, (potential) purchaser, the legally authorized representative of the activities offered by Amsterdam Boothuur.

Article 2: Conclusion of agreement

All price indications and quotations made by Amsterdam Boothuur are without obligation. They are valid for 14 days, unless otherwise indicated. Amsterdam Boothuur is only bound to the price indications and quotations if the acceptance thereof is confirmed by the client in writing within 14 days, unless otherwise indicated. The agreement is only concluded if the client indicates in addition to the price indication/offer a non-binding option on the vessel, orally and / or in writing.

Article 3: Catering

If the client wishes to rent a vessel including catering and the catering is provided by third parties, Amsterdam Boat Rental shall never be liable for damage and/or injury resulting from or related to catering provided by third parties. Bringing and using your own catering is not allowed. If (partial) catering is brought on board, this is only after consultation and with the consent of Amsterdam Boat Rental. At the end of the trip, the renter is obliged to return the vessel clean and tidy as found upon departure. If the vessel is not left clean, a minimum cleaning fee of €100 will be charged.

Article 4: Liability of Amsterdam Boat Tour

Amsterdam Boothuur shall never be liable for damage to and/or loss of property of the client. The client takes all his or her belongings on board at his or her own risk. Amsterdam Boothuur shall in no event be liable for damage caused by death or injury of the client, except in cases of intent or gross negligence of Amsterdam Boothuur. Amsterdam Boothuur shall never be liable for damage to persons or property of the client caused when entering the areas used by Amsterdam Boothuur, including the boarding jetty and vessels. The client enters these areas at his or her own risk.

Amsterdam Boothuur shall never be liable for economic damage caused by delay for any reason and occurring before, during or after the cruise. Amsterdam Boothuur shall in no case be liable for an amount higher than the amount invoiced to the renter by Amsterdam Boothuur under the agreement.

Article 5: Liability of the renter

The renter is liable for damage to property of Amsterdam Boothuur, property of third parties, if resulting from and/or related to non-compliance and recklessness. The renter is obliged to report any damage from any cause during or immediately after its occurrence to the skipper on duty, on the vessel, or to Amsterdam Boothuur in writing and verbally. The renter declares and guarantees that each of the passengers is aware that the vessel is entered at his/her own risk, is familiar with the risks of entering and sailing with a vessel, and indemnifies Amsterdam Boothuur for all claims of third parties related to damage incurred on board the vessel.

Article 6: Force majeure

If Amsterdam Boothuur cannot fulfil its obligations due to force majeure, there is no right to restitution and/or compensation. In these conditions, force majeure means all external causes, foreseen or unforeseen, on which Amsterdam Boothuur has no influence and due to which Amsterdam Boothuur is unable to comply with its obligations.

Article 7: Complaints

Complaints regarding the services provided by Amsterdam Boothuur must be made directly and explicitly to the competent personnel, both verbally and in writing.

Article 8: Cancellation

In case of cancellation a percentage of the invoice amount is due, this amount depends on the number of days prior to cancellation of the (final) cruise.

  • 21 days prior to departure
    Free of charge
  • 21 days to 7 days in advance
    50% – of the invoice amount
  • 7 to 2 days in advance
    75% – of the invoice amount
  • 48 hours in advance
    100% – of the invoice amount

In case of cancellation after the final confirmation, the customer is always obliged to pay € 25,- (excluding 21% VAT) administration costs. The cancellation can only be made in writing.
For open boats, it is mutually possible to cancel in extreme weather conditions. Amsterdam Boat Rental reserves the right to deploy an alternative covered boat in case of large amounts of precipitation. Any additional costs in this case will be borne by Amsterdam Boat Rental. This applies only to the alternative boats owned by Amsterdam Boothuur.

Article 9: Payment

Payment must always be made within 14 days of the invoice date and no later than 1 day before the start of the final boat trip. Amsterdam Boat Rental is permitted to proceed with implementation only after full payment has been made. If the client fails to pay an invoice on time, the client shall be in default immediately without further notice. The customer shall owe interest of 3% per month. In case of bankruptcy or suspension of payment of the client, claims of Amsterdam Boothuur and the obligations of the consumer to Amsterdam Boothuur are immediately due and payable.

Article 10: Applicable law and competent court

Only Dutch law applies to the agreement, including the conclusion thereof, and any supplements thereto. In case of disputes, the competent court in Amsterdam (NL) is the designated court.