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Helpful tips for when you go boating in Amsterdam

If you will be sailing in Amsterdam soon, read the following tips carefully. We have listed the most useful tips, divided into the following categories.


Booking a boat

Think about the type of boat you’d like a canal cruise in

Amsterdam Boat Tour has several types of boats. For example, we have a number of large sloops that allow groups of up to 45 people to enjoy Amsterdam’s canals. Sailing in a sloop is especially suitable when the weather is nice.

We also have a number of salon boats available. In these boats you can also sit indoors in bad weather. In good weather, all windows can be removed so that you can also enjoy the sun in the salon boats. The salon boats are all-round and suitable for sunny cruises, dinners, drinks and business meetings.

Think carefully about the boarding location and destination

Especially if you will be sailing with several people coming on their own, it is important to meet at a convenient location. Are you coming by public transport or by car, do you want to have a bite to eat afterwards, or perhaps visit a museum? By planning your boarding location well, you can take this into account for your cruise.

Are you comparing prices from different parties

Then pay attention to what is included in the price; this varies greatly from party to party. Also, the conditions of rental are often different, think of the possibility to cancel in case of bad weather.

Do you have specific wishes for the content of your cruise?

Indicate this clearly when booking. For example, do you want to sail past a specific spot or do you want to learn as much as possible about Amsterdam’s VOC past? If you indicate this in advance, we can take this into account during the cruise.

Are you having trouble determining the duration of your canal cruise?

Book at least two hours for a relaxing canal cruise in which you have the opportunity to view Amsterdam. Often a canal cruise will take 3 to 4 hours to admire the city from the water.

Booking a salon boat

Looking for an ‘out of the box’ meeting location?

Our luxury salon boats are very suitable as a meeting location. With wifi on board and catering options, the salon boats are great for an inspiring meeting.

Is bad weather forecast, but you still want to sail?

Even in autumn or winter you can enjoy Amsterdam from the water. Our luxury salon boats are covered and heated. Have you rented a boat, but bad weather is suddenly expected? You can cancel the boat free of charge and inquire about the availability of our salon boats.

Dine on board instead of in a restaurant

An original location to dine for once is aboard a salon boat. It is possible to book a buffet or seated dinner aboard the salon boats. This way you can dine in private with family, friends or business associates and enjoy the Amsterdam canals.

Booking a sloop

Book a sloop in time to avoid disappointment

Especially when the weather gets nice, there is a lot of interest in renting a sloop.

Think about food and drink on board

You can take advantage of our extensive on-board catering, or choose a nice café or restaurant to start or end your canal cruise.

Preparation of the cruise

Clearly agree on where and what time you want to start

Both with the skipper and all the people joining you on the still. If we have to wait for one of the guests, it will unfortunately be at the expense of the cruise time.

Be reachable

Make sure the skipper has your cell phone number and make sure you have the skipper’s handy as well. Then, should you have an unexpected question, you can always reach the skipper.

Check the weather

Unfortunately, the sun is not always shining. In principle we can sail around even with a little rain, because we have poncho’s and umbrellas on board. Also keep in mind that it is a bit cooler on the water than on land, also you feel the wind better. So an extra layer of clothing (sweater or jacket) often doesn’t hurt.

Don’t have water legs?

Then keep your footwear in mind, it might not be such a good idea to try out your new stiletto heels just today.

During the cruise

Always follow the instructions of the skipper

The skipper is responsible for the boat and all its passengers. Therefore, always cooperate with the skipper when he asks for it, there is often a lot of traffic on the Amsterdam canals and together we have to make sure it stays fun and safe.

Music on board

Since a few years it is unfortunately forbidden for all open boats to play music on the canals. In the salon boats, however, music can be played.

Clear communication on board

The person making the booking is basically the contact person for the skipper. We often receive requests regarding the route, stopping points and the like. For the sake of clarity it is nice (especially if the group is a bit larger) to let this go through the person who also took care of the booking.

Enjoy a snack and a drink

It is possible to book catering in advance or to stop at a nice café or restaurant. It always remains possible to bring your own drinks or food on board, just let us know and we can provide a cooler.

Closing the cruise

Take care of your own belongings

Please check that all guests bring their belongings from board. Often extra bags, coats and the like go on board, do not forget these.

Food and drinks on board

Have you provided your own food and drinks? Then take what’s left with you.

Let us know what you think of Amsterdam Boat Tour

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