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Sloop boating Amsterdam

Do you have experience with boating and want to explore Amsterdam’s canals in complete freedom? That is also possible. Check out the offer of sloops to sail around on your own.

Rent a whisper boat and sail around Amsterdam yourself

Sloop boating Amsterdam

Would you like to explore the canals by yourself with your friends or family? Then rent a whisper boat at Boaty in Amsterdam-Zuid or Boats4rent at Westerpark. After a short personal explanation you can explore the Amsterdam canals and Amstel by yourself! The boats are easy to steer and a maximum of 6 people fit on one boat. You can bring your own food and drinks.

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This is how renting a boat to sail yourself works

Sloop boating Amsterdam
Personal instruction
Quiet and clean by electric drive
Maximum 6 people per boat
Self driving, no license required
Easy and safe to drive
Good reviews (over 4.5 stars) on Google and Tripadvisor
Locations in South (Boaty) and Westerpark (Boats4rent)
Foam seats, life jackets and water chart included
For rent for part of the day (morning, afternoon, evening)
From euro 79,- for three hours sailing
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