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About Amsterdam Boat Tour

Amsterdam Boat Tour was founded in 2013 by three friends who have a love for boats and can always be found on the canals.

From A to Z, the three founders are passionately involved with boats. For example, they single-handedly converted the two robust lifeboats into two luxury canal boats with electric motors. They also sail a lot themselves as skippers on the sloops.

Due to the many requests, the team has now been expanded to include 20 skippers, all of whom know the canals like the back of their hand. In addition to the sloops that Amsterdam Boat Tour uses, the luxury salon boat Valerie was put into service in 2017. In 2018, the fleet was expanded with a two salon boat: Marjet.

The main mission of Amsterdam Boat Rental is to give everyone who sails with us an unforgettable trip and to let them disembark with a smile.

Together we provide at least 700 cruises every year and many people experience Amsterdam’s canals at their best!

About Amsterdam Boat Tour