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Cruising routes

Want to go boating in Amsterdam, view a selection of boating routes here

Are you looking for a nice route for your cruise, perhaps in a sloop, salon boat or canal boat from Amsterdam Boat Tour? We have listed the most popular canal cruises for you. From culinary, architecture route to rampart route, a canal cruise on the Amsterdam canals offers something for everyone.

Check out the different routes and discuss what you prefer while booking. Of course you can also deviate from these routes if you have specific wishes. By informing us in advance, we can take this into account during booking and optimize the cruise to your needs.

Culinary route

Amsterdam has a lot to offer in the culinary field. This route sails along the culinary hotspots of Amsterdam. Ideal if you want to start or end your canal cruise at one of the many restaurants, or enjoy a delicious snack and drink on board.

Rainbow route

Do you want to look forward to next year’s Canal Parade or relive the memories of last time? With the rainbow route you sail the exact route of the Canal Parade, ideal for enjoying this beautiful part of Amsterdam in calmer waters.

Plantation Route

Combine city and nature with the Plantageroute. Among other things, you cruise past Artis Zoo and through the special plantation district, known for its unusual architectural style.

Berlage route

What Rem Koolhaas is to Rotterdam, Berlage was to Amsterdam, with his famous ‘Plan Zuid’. Enjoy his designs and other architectural and artistic highlights in Amsterdam with this route.

Red Light District Route

This part of Amsterdam should not be missed as a visitor. An area of Amsterdam that is well-known both at home and abroad. In addition to this unique area, you will cruise past the Oude Kerk and other unique cityscapes.

Western Islands Route

The three Western Islands form a unique piece of Amsterdam thanks to its unusual warehouses and shipyards, well worth admiring from the canals.