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Cruise SAIL 2020

Watch the tallships
up close

Spoil your guests with on-board catering

Cruise in style
with your own skipper

12 – 16 august 2020

Do you love ships and water sports? Sail is the event you must have visited. Amsterdam is visited by a colorful collection of ships and boats, during the biggest event to take place in the city.

From big historic sail boats to state of the art yachts, this is going to be a fleet worth admiring. You can visit several ships and there will be an abundance of activities and event around the water.

Cruise lake IJ or other beautiful areas up and around the canals on one of our saloon boats or open boats. Make sure to place your reservation in advance. Availability is limited.

Open boat arrangements

We have created serveral arrangement for our exclusive open boats, during the SAIL event. Lunch and drinks cruises are combined with a reception at the Hermitage. This location is easily accessible, close to the event venue and offers the possibility to receive your guests in style. The fireworks arragement includes extensive catering on board. You can rent an open boat based on maximum capacity. It is also possible to book based on number of persons. Your group can then be combined with other groups.

Welcome the tallships


August 12
1.00 pm – 4.30 pm
Price per person: €165,-*

  • Reception at the Hermitage with coffee and sweet snacks:
    Assortiment of mini pains au chocolat and mini croissants .
    Homemade fruitsmoothie.
    Mini macarons on small glass shelves.
  • Cruise along the tallships
  • Drinks on board
  • Assortiment luxury sandwiches and salads:
    • Luxury sandwiches
    • Salade of the day
    • Mini wrap with chicken/avocado (or another savory snack up to the chef)


Other arrangements


Arrangement 1
Early lunch:

€ 100,-* per person
9.30 am – 12.30 pm

Arrangement 2
Late Lunch:

€ 125,-* per person
11.30 am -3.30 pm

Arrangement 3
Drinks & Bites:

€ 135,-* per person
4.45 pm – 7.30 pm

Arrangement 4

€ 145,-* per person
8.30 pm – 11.30 pm

General information


Small Groups
We have open boats available for small groups up to 12 persons. These are offered including a skipper, and can be rented in three different ways:

  1. Based on the arrangements combined with the Hermitage.
  2. Including drinks and bites
  3. Based on bring you own catering. You can rent the boat per part of the day

Capacity of the boats
Haarlemmerpoort: 25 persons
Marijn Joris: 35 persons
Small boats: 12 persons

*Prices in Euro, VAT excluded

Saloon boats

Our saloonboats are part of the official Amsterdam Sail Fleet.
You can book the arrangements at us and the Amsterdam Sail Fleet. You will find the arrangements via the following en

Sail Amsterdam

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Boekingsformulier - Sail 2020
Choose a date between August 12 and August 16 2020 to enjoy Sail 2020
Please specify the number of persons. Minimum 1, maximum 35.
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