Catering Saloon Boats

A canal cruise on a luxury salon boat through Amsterdam isn’t complete without nice food and beverages. Whether it’s a simple snack or extensive dinner, everything is possible. Even if you want to organize your own food and drinks, this is not a problem. On this page you will find a selection of options that we regularly serve. If you have specific wishes, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to discuss your wishes!

Enjoy a dinner during a canal cruise

Enjoy the view of beautiful Amsterdam and dine at the same time. We offer you the opportunity to dine with your guests aboard a luxury saloon boat. You can choose from various buffets and menus.

  • 3 course dinner – € 42,50 per person
  • Dutch, French or Italian buffet on board – € 27,50 per person
  • Indonesian buffet (minimum 8 persons) – € 27,50 per person
  • Menu Deluxe – € 125,- per person
    Culinary cruise past 4 restaurants
  • Floating dinner – € 51,- per person
    3 course dinner in two different restaurants
  • Dessertbuffet on board – € 9,- per person


If you would like to enjoy a drink during a cruise in the traditional saloon boat, we have various options for you:

  • Beer (Heineken) – € 3,00 per item
  • Soda – € 2,50 per item
  • Water (San Pelegrino/Panna) – € 7,50 per bottle
  • Wine white/red – € 22,50 per bottle
  • Or choose an exclusive bottle of wine from our wine list


    • Bitterballs
    • Spicy spring rolls
    • Cheese fingers
    • Vegetarian spring rolls
    • Mustard and chili sauce

     € 9,50, – per portion

  • € 1,25 per bitterball

    • Raw beef sausage
    • Salami
    • Old cheese
    • Young cheese
    • Mustard & pickles

    € 9,50, – per portion

  • 5 kinds of Dutch cheeses with fig bread and apple syrup

    € 15, – per platter

  • 4 kinds of foreign meats with olives and pickles

    € 15, – per platter

  • Homemade dips with vegetables, olives, homemade cheessticks, Old Amsterdam cheeses and mixed nuts

    € 50, –

    • Old Amsterdam cheese
    • Young cheese
    • Various Amsterdam sausages
    • Amsterdam onions
    • Pickles and Amsterdam mustard

    € 56,50 per platter

    • Roast beef bonbon filled with mushrooms, piment d’esplette mayonnaise and chive
    • Amuse spoon coquille, Japanese seaweed and a mousse of celeriac and white chocolate
    • Amuse glass with a mousse of salmon and a hint of saffron and caviar
    • Bonbon of grilled zucchini filled with a mousse of cream cheese and chive
    • Amuse glass with crème of goat cheese and green asparagus

    € 95, – per platter

    • One bite wrap with homemade tuna mayonnaise and tricolour pepper
    • Homemade humus with vegetablechips
    • Spicey chicken with a salsa of chili and spring onion
    • Carpaccio with pesto mayonnaise and Parmesan
    • Cream cheese lollipop with nut crunch

    € 80,50 per platter


    • Lollipop baked tuna with sesame and wasabi
    • One bite wrap with smoked salmon and citrus mayonnaise
    • Steak tartare with truffle mayonnaise and Parmesan
    • Creamcheese with serrano ham
    • Blini Caprese, tomato, pesto and buffalo mozzarella

    € 80,50 per platter


  • 2 crusty sandwiches with various cheeses, meats and salads, including garnish

    € 9,- per person

  • Range of hard and soft mini buns, mini sandwiches, mini wraps with various luxury meats, cheeses and salads like:

    • Beef carpaccio/pesto/pine nuts/fresh Parmesan
    • Homemade salmon salad and tri-colour pepper
    • Vitello Tonato: tuna salad with veal
    • Roast beef/truffle mayonnaise
    • Egg truffle salad
    • Chicken/avocado
    • Old cheese/truffle mayonnaise
    • Caprese: buffalo mozzarella/tomato/pesto

    € 10,- per person

  • 2,5 sandwich per person
    Range with hard and soft buns, bagels, wraps and artisan bread with various luxury cheeses, meats and salads, including garnish

    € 11,50 per person

    • Dark artisan bread with smoked salmon and citrus mayonnaise
    • Vegetarian mini sandwich, bread made from spinach and tomato filled with buffalo mozzarella, tomato and fresh pesto
    • Bruschetta XL, beef carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise and fresh Parmesan
    • Caesar Salad, little gem, fresh eggs, homemade croutons, Parmesan cheese and traditional dressing, served per person in a bowl
    • Homemade sweets, a selection from our range of home made sweets

    € 17,50 per person

    Warm items, optional, € 4,50 a piece

    • Farmers omelet with ham, cheese and vegetables, served with a soft bun
    • Tartelette goat cheese
    • Tartelette smoked salmon
    • Tartelette with mushrooms and truffle
    • Tartelette chicken and pesto
    • Hot leg ham sandwich with mustard mayonnaise
    • Spicey chicken wrap
    • Homemade soups; tomato soup, vegetable soup, pepper soup, zucchini soup with blue cheese, asparagus soup, pumpkin soup, fish soup, mushroom soup

High Tea

    • Crusty mini sandwich with carpaccio, truffle mayonnaise and fresh Parmesan cheese
    • Crusty mini bun with various cheeses, meats and salads, including garnish
    • Half a wrap with smoked salmon and beetroot mayonnaise
    • Tartelette chicken/pesto (warm)
    • Scones with clotted cream and jam
    • Homemade mini muffin
    • Macarons
    • Homemade flan
    • Chocolade truffles

    Various teas, such as mint tea

    € 24,- per person


  • Assortiment of homemade desserts like:

    • Home made brownie with walnut
    • White chocolate mousse with coconut
    • Tiramisu
    • Stracciatella mousse with Oreo
    • Coffeemousse with biscuit
    • Curd with limoncello
    • Red fruit pie with merengue and strawberry

    The buffet includes whipped cream, strawberry’s, chocolates and mints.

    € 9,- per person

* All prices include VAT

Partnerships with restaurants

We have partnerships with a number of top restaurants in Amsterdam. In cooperation with these restaurants we can serve a wide range of dishes and serve on board. Do you prefer to eat in the restaurant? Then we will be happy to bring you there. Contact us to discuss the possibilities and your wishes!