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An exclusive dinner of your choice on board one of our luxury salon boats. We work closely with various restaurants. The choice of dishes can be made on board depending on the size of the group. Dine at a high level during a cruise along the canals with your own party. Below you will find the options.

3-course à la carte dinner

A 3-course à la carte dinner that can be ordered on board à la carte. During the cruise, there will be 2 stops to pick up the dishes from a restaurant located along the canals.
€ 60,-

3-cours dinner Exclusief

An exclusive 3-course dinner on board the salon boat. There will be stops during the cruise at various top restaurants. We collaborate with establishments such as the Ambassade Hotel, Restaurant Johannes, and Le Hollandais.
€ 80,-

Walking dinner

A selection of 6 dishes from the current 3-course menu served in manageable portions. During the cruise, there will be two stops to pick up the dishes. The walking dinner will be enjoyed in a standing/sitting arrangement so that you are not confined to a seat.
€ 60,-

Floating dinner

A culinary cruise to various restaurants. During the cruise, the starter and main course will be served in two exclusive restaurants. The aperitif and dessert will be enjoyed on board.
€ 60,-